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International Truck Diagnostic Software DPF Heat Shield Engine Diagnostic Superstore - Actron - NEXIQ - HICKOK - OTC - AUTOBOSS - EQUUS - AUTOXRAY Quality Products, Great Prices & Outstanding Value..

Auto & Heavy Duty Truck Tools, Diagnostic Tools & Software

Save on repair bills with our wide variety of Automotive and Heavy Truck - Engine Diagnostic Scanners, Diagnostic Software and Shop Tools for all of your diesel engine repair and car maintenance needs. Shop for Quality. Shop for Value. Shop with Confidence!

TPX Power Source is a company that was founded to provide high quality Tools, Automotive and Truck components that deliver great value. Vehicles manufactured today are very advanced and require skill and the diagnostic tools to get the job done. Engine Diagnostic Software, Scanners, Code Readers, and Electrical System Analyzers are the tools of professional mechanics and our goal is to provide these Tools for the Automotive and Heavy Truck market worldwide. We also provide high quality shop tools and tools to service Air Conditioning. Our company’s success will be measured by our customer’s satisfaction and we will always stand behind the products we sell and the performance they deliver. Our company is growing as we provide Diesel Engine components and Safety items like Diesel Particulate Filter heat shields. Thanks for considering TPX Power Source.

FCAR Truck Diagnostic Tools
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The FCAR Brand of Diagnostic Tools are the answer our customers have been waiting for. Finally we have a Heavy Duty diagnostic tool that bridges the gap from Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack to CAT, International, Volvo, Mercedes, and many more! The FCAR tools will work with all J1939 - J1708 trucks. FCAR also provides diagnostic tools that will communicate with Off Highway Construction and Agriculture equipment....

School Bus Diagnostic Tools
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TPX Power Source is your leading source for School Bus Diagnostic Tools. We have 44 years of School Bus Fleet experience and this strong relationship has led to the development of the FCAR F3SN. This tool is being developed by School Bus Fleets and the Service Managers who have dedicated their lives to the safe transportation of children. Our goal is to provide an affordable diagnostic tool for the School Bus vocation....

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DG Technologies specializes in the design and development of intelligent software and hardware protocol interface devices for the in-vehicle and controller area network markets. Throughout its history, DG has played a significant role in the growth of in-vehicle and controller area (CAN) networking. We were the first company to introduce vehicle networking in the automotive industry with a variety of sought-out tools and expertise....

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TPX Power Source is one of the leading providers of International Truck diagnostic software worldwide. In order to repair current diesel trucks it is critical to understand the technology and to have the Diagnostic Software tools to get the job done. International diagnostic software provides customers the ability to solve the problem quickly and without “Throwing Parts at the problem”. Save your fleet or customer money....

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TPX Power Source and Nexiq understands performance, quality, and value and we are proud to provide great diagnostic tools that deliver....

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TPX Power Source offers the new Cummins INLINE 6 Data Link Adapter. This new Cummins Inline 6 adapter is now the only genuine Cummins product on the market and is the only adapter available that Cummins certifies to be 100% compatible with all features of the latest Cummins ECMs and software applications. The INLINE 6 can communicate with your PC through a 9-pin serial connector....

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TPX Power Source is dedicated to providing our customers with diagnostic software that delivers solutions and value. Detroit Diesel is an American Icon and our goal is to help you diagnose and repair these diesel engines and keep them on the road....

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Drew Technologies is the world leader at building In-Vehicle communications tools using SAE J2534 for engineers, end of line testing, dealerships, fleets, and repair shops as our primary resource for professional diagnostic tools....

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TPX Power Source delivers quality diagnostic tools for Allison Transmissions. Nexiq and Allison both deliver great solutions to solve repair issues concerning Allison Transmissions. Consider the new, Allison Transmission developed, diagnostic tool is available. The Allison Transmission Diagnostic Tool (ATDT) is a PC based, full feature diagnostic software application supporting WTEC II and WTEC III control systems....

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TPX Power Source offers a great variety of hi-quality Automotive, School Bus and Heavy Truck Diesel Engine Diagnostic Tools and other auto and truck diagnostic equipment you need to repair today's Heavy Truck and Automotive vehicles. The highest quality diagnostic tools from OTC, Nexiq, Navistar International Truck, SERVICEMAXX, Actron, Autel, Auto X Ray, Hickok, Equus, Innova and AutoBoss....

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TPX Power Source is the leading provider of Truck Diagnostic Software for the U.S. and Canadian market. Current ABS brake systems provide excellent stopping power but require additional diagnostic work. We provide the very best diagnostic tools for ABS Brakes provided by International Truck, Meritor Wabco, OTC, and Nexiq. We only sell quality products from reliable source distributed here in the United States. Quality, Value, Confidence....

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Caterpillar Engine Diagnostic Tools will provide the critical information to properly diagnose and repair CAT electronic engines. In order to perform these diagnostic tasks you will need the proper Interface and cables. TPX Power Source can provide you with the very latest CAT diagnostic tools that deliver performance and value....

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TPX Power Source is proud to offer Heatshield Products. Heatshield Products is your home for DPF heat shield, header wrap, exhaust insulation, high temperature gaskets, turbo heat shield insulation, and other thermal insulation materials to serve all your automotive, marine, cycle, heavy duty and industrial needs. They have been family owned, operated, and made in the USA since 1985....

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Diesel Particulate Filter Heat Shield Kit. Current diesel powered trucks all have Diesel Particulate Filters or commonly called DPF's. These exhaust filters operate at extremely high temperature's when they perform an active regeneration cycle. Active regeneration requires the DPF to rise to a 1200 degree temperature for a period of time and the risk of fire is very high if the vehicle is close to any combustible material....

John Deere Diagnostic Tools
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TPX Power Source provides diagnostic solutions for all US Truck, Agriculture, and CAT Off Highway equipment. We can deliver a quality Tool to solve your Truck, Tractor, and Off Highway diagnostic problems. For John Deere diagnostic tools please refer to the FCAR Diagnostic F3D model....

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TPX Power Source is a company built around the basic belief that quality products that deliver great performance and value and sold to the consumer at a fair price is what customers really want. A fair price for top of the line products "not warranty returns or beat-up seconds", A fair price includes a fair shipping charge if a shipping expense is involved....

Featured Products

NEXIQ USB Link 2 124032
Nexiq 124032 USB Link 2....
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Diamond Logic® Builder Fleet 828005
Diamond Logic® Builder Fleet. What is the Diamond Logic® Builder Fleet program? The Diamond Logic® Builder Fleet software provides the ability to diagnose and simulate features in the Electrical System Controller (ESC) module on the Industry’s First High Performance Trucks®. The Diamond Logic™ Builder program allows users to configure switches, the gauge cluster, and the parameters that are programmed in the...
$1,137.00  $575.00
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Autel MaxiDas System DS708
Autel AULDS708 MaxiDAS AUTOMOTIVE Diagnosis Analysis System DS708. FREE FREIGHT! TPX Power Source is proud to offer the MaxiDAS® DS708 that is a state-of-art diagnostic system that delivers more accurate, more stable, more comprehensive, easier and faster diagnosis. The new generation platform stands out in a variety of tools by providing incredibly high performance with intuitive operation. For the fir...
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Monthly Specials For May

FCAR F3-SN Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool
The FCAR F3-N Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool. This tool is designed to provide diagnostic capabilities for all U.S. Diesel Engines. This is a great task to achieve but our customers ask for this tool everyday and now we can deliver a scan tool that bridges the gap between CAT, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, International Truck,Volvo, Mack and more! The FCAR F3-D updates periodically to keep you current and the upd...
$3,125.99  $2,799.00
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FCAR F3-SG Auto/Heavy Truck Diagnostic Scanner
FCAR F3-G Automotive and Heavy Truck Diagnostic Scanner. The F3SG is the fastest scan tool with a powerful compact handheld design, featuring all-in-one coverage from automotive vehicles to HD truck and off road equpment. All software are preloaded in one tool with diagnostic, testing and bidirectional functions. Features Handheld book style compact design Fast response (boot in 3s, scan in few seco...
$3,495.00  $3,199.00
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DG Technologies DPA 5 Kit with DG Diagnostics & Bluetooth
DG Technologies Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 - Dual Can, USB/Blue Tooth RP1210 and SAE J2534. Yes, thats quite a long list of features that no one else can claim because with all of those features you get DG Diagnostics for FREE. This rugged and reliable Interface Cable Kit is versatile and is truely a ONE-TOOL-Solution that supports all of your favorite OEM and component Diagnostic Applications. You need only o...
$799.00  $699.00
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TPX-SB School Bus Diagnostic Tool
TPX-SB School Bus Diagnostic Scan tool. The TPX-SB School Bus is a fast and user-friendly scan tool that is powerful with a compact handheld design, featuring all-in-one coverage for all school bus. All software is preloaded with diagnostic code descriptions, live data, calibration and bidirectional functionality. The TPX-SB School Bus is customized scanner specifically for school bus facility or fleet profes...
$1,999.00  $1,499.00
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FCAR F7SN Truck TabPro
The Model F7SN is a powerful wireless tablet for truck professional. This tablet is the ideal tool for truck repair or service professionals who need a quick, powerful tool with all the truck coverage via wireless diagnostic. Features: Industrial anti-glare 10.5” HD touch screen. Industrial quality WIFI/Bluetooth. One Click online updates. Remote help via Team Viewer. Wireless diagnostic. PDF report....
$4,429.00  $3,999.00
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F7SG Master TabPro
The F7-SG Master TabPro is an all-in-one wireless tablet scanner designed to be ONE tool that any service professional will need, from car, truck or HD equipment. It provides full diagnostic, testing and reset or bidirectional functions. Explore the Engine, Transmision, ABS, Brake,Turbocharger, Axle, Trailer, Instrument cluster, Cruise Control, Chassis and more eletronic control units. Features: Indu...
$4,895.00  $4,295.00
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