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TPX Power Source is proud to offer Heatshield Products. Heatshield Products is your home for DPF heat shield, header wrap, exhaust insulation, high temperature gaskets, turbo heat shield insulation, and other thermal insulation materials to serve all your automotive, marine, cycle, heavy duty and industrial needs. They have been family owned, operated, and made in the USA since 1985. Heat shield insulation, DPF exhaust wrap, header wrap, turbo heat shield insulation, heat shield tape, thermal wire protection, oven thermal insulation, gaskets, expansion joints, and other industrial thermal insulation. Let HeatShield Products and TPX Power Source consult you on your next design, our team of thermal insulation experts can find a solution for you. What ever you race, drive, ride, pilot, or manufacture Heatshield Products, Inc. has a solution for you. Don't get burned by the competition...Run Cool, Stay Cool™. TPX Power Source sells only High Quality, High Performance products that deliver value at a fair price.

Heatshield Armor Exhaust Shield
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Diesel Particulate Filter Heat Shield. Heatshield Armor™-Diesel particulate trap and exhaust heat shield Up armor your heat shield protection with Heatshield Armor™ exhaust heat shield. The outer armor allows it to be cleaned after installation, gives it a long lifespan, and also makes Heatshield Armor™ resistant to the elements....

Inferno Shield, DPF Shield
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Heatshield Products and TPX Power Source knows their is a need for a high performance heat shield that can be custom configured to handle whatever your thermal requirements are. The Inferno Shield can be bent, folded and twisted to form a custom shape. Our heat shields come in three different grades of alloy: aluminum (900°F continuous), stainless steel (1800°F continuous) and Inconel (2200°F continuous)....

Tapes and Tie Straps
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Stainless steel tie. Now this is quality! Thermal-Tie HD™ is a wider version of our regular Thermal-Tie™! Standard ties are 3/16” wide, our new HD tie is 5/16” wide. That means more surface area to secure your high temperature insulation. Easy to use-- no bands or buckles required! Simply pull the tail end through the head and tighten, just like plastic wire ties. There are no sharp edges, and are easy to handle....

PDF floor heat shield
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PDF floor heat shield. This radiant heat shield barrier is used to protect paint from blistering on body panels such as hoods. It may also be used to shield radiant heat from floor boards and fire walls. This heat shield barrier is designed to be used underneath the vehicle, stopping heat before it enters vehicle interior....

Thermaflect Shield
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TPX Power Source is proud to offer the highest quality reflective heat shield on the market manufactured in the United States by Heatshield Products.This product is designed to shield up to 90% of radiant heat. Heatshield Products use a 1/4" thick ceramic inner pad sandwiched between heavy duty foil and bound together with a stainless steel mesh at the edges....

HP Felt Mat
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Our HP Felt Mat is the perfect high temperature insulation solution for heating issues caused by a diesel particulate trap retro fit, general exhaust heat, turbo wrap, or even for the down pipe. This material is a carbon pan based felt designed to take tempertures of 1800°F. The black side of this felt may be used directly on the exhaust system for direct insulation....

Thermaflect Sleeve
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Heatshield Products Thermaflect Sleeve was designed to protect wiring, fuel lines, cables, and air intake tubes from heat. This protective Sleeve can withstand 1100 F degrees of continuous radiant heat and 500 f degrees of direct heat. The Thermaflect Sleeve is capable of reflecting up to 95% of radiant heat and is an excellent method to cool air intake temperatures to improve performance and fuel economy....

Thermaflect Cloth
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This heat shield cloth, has a high quality “mirror” finish compared to most other reflective aluminized cloth mats. In addition it weighs 40% less than comparable aluminized fiberglass cloth products. When used in applications when there is 1” of airspace and good air flow, Thermaflect Cloth is capable of reflecting 90% of radiant heat....

Heat Shield Tape
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This heat shield tape reflects radiant heat away from hoses, lines, and and air intake tubes. It is an excellent way to insulate components without disassembly, or use it as a means to hold other thermal insulation in place. It is also excellent for quick "on the go" solution to heat problems. This is a must have for your tool box! Durable cloth construction makes it longer lasting and more rugged than similar products....

Diesel Exhaust Wrap
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Diesel Exhaust Wrap. Due to the intense heat generated by current exhaust systems and particulate filters during the Re-Gen cycle it is important to protect your vehicle and the safety of employees and personel due to potential fire hazzard. Exhaust wraps also help to retain heat in your exhaust system, which reduces radiant heat damage....

Intercooler Piping Shield
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Cool Intake System-Cold air intake heat shield sleeve. Increase your horsepower and improve your fuel economy by lowering intake temperatures, with our air intake heat shield sleeve. Optimize the performance of the Air to Air cooler by shielding it from radiant heat. Power is created from the dense air fuel mixture (created by the cooler intake temperatures) allowing the mixture to be burned more efficiently....

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Diesel Particulate Filter Heat Shield Kit. Current diesel powered trucks all have Diesel Particulate Filters or commonly called DPF's. These exhaust filters operate at extremely high temperature's when they perform an active regeneration cycle. Active regeneration requires the DPF to rise to a 1200 degree temperature for a period of time and the risk of fire is very high if the vehicle is close to any combustible material....

Marine Heat Shield
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Heatshield Products Marine Heat Armor & Shield Tape and fasteners....

HP Fire Armor Sleeve
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Heatshield Products HP Fire Armor Sleeve. Heat Barrier-Reduces Heat Transfer. Uses: Brake Line, Oil Line, Fuel Line Heat Shield.The rugged silicone covering makes it resistant to chemicals, non combustible, abrasion resistant, and fraying is also reduced to a minimum. This rugged covering makes HP Fire Armor™ ideal for welding lines and cables on your bike. You can also use HP Fire Armor™ for brake lines, fuel lines, wiring harnesses, and cables....

Turbo Manifold Heat Shield
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HP Manifold Shield is designed to keep heat inside your exhaust and turbo manifold. Made from rugged high temperature materials, this manifold heat shield is designed to sustain temperatures of 1800F continuous. Retaining heat in your exhaust system, decreases gas density, allowing the gases to exhaust your turbo manifold, turbo, and downpipe faster....

HP Shield
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TPX Power Source proudly introduces another Heatshield Products "thermal innovation" that stops radiant heat at the source. This revolutionary new heat shield allows you to isolate heat at the source by reducing radiant heat damage to other vehicle components. Next generation technology allows it to be placed directly on the exhaust system....

Turbo Heat Shield
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This turbo heat shield helps to reduce turbo lag while protecting other engine components. The custom fit turbo heat bags use cutting edge technology and performance to keep the heat in the hot side of the turbo where it belongs. The custom fit design means you do not have to trim or fit the heat shield blanket to fit your turbo housings, making installation a snap....

Sound Insulation
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Heatshield Products has focused on getting you the right product for the right problem. Noise inside a vehicle is caused by multiple sources, so a one-product-fits-all approach won't work. We offer lightweight, high-tech products to solve your acoustical problems. That's right, light weight, you shouldn't have to add 500 lbs. to your ride to get it to quiet down....

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